Sprayer Cleaning Kit Starter Pack (3 bottles, 6 Cleaning Tablets)


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The kit includes – 3 Glass Sprayer Bottles with Silicon Sleeves, 6 Cleaning Tablets: 2 Glass Cleaning, 2 General Cleaning, and 2 Bathroom Cleaning.

A clean home shouldn’t hurt the environment. But that’s what happens when we buy traditional cleaning solutions. Fuel is wasted shipping bulky, heavy products. Most plastic sprayer bottles never reach the recycling plant, regardless of how they are discarded.

Nature Lake tablet-based cleaners are a better way.

Nature Lake cleaning tablets are formulated using ingredients that are biodegradable and do not produce harmful VOCs. We also do not use ingredients that are harmful to aquatic life. It’s all part of our goal to create an Earth-friendly line of cleaning products.

Simply fill the glass sprayer bottles with warm water, add cleaning tablets, let dissolve, and get spraying. Let’s make disposable plastic bottles a thing of the past!


  • Tablets Made in USA –  Your Earth-Friendly Cleaning Option – Small yet powerful, these soap tablets dissolve in 5 minutes! Just add the tablet to water: 1-2 tablets of each cleaner (General, Glass and Bathroom cleaner) per 1 reusable sprayer bottle.
  • More Economical Than Traditional Bottled Cleaners – These cleaning tablets cost 7x less than traditional multi-surface cleaner, with the same great results. So you get more value for your money.
  • The Complete House-Cleaning Solution – Each sprayer kit includes multipurpose, glass and bathroom cleaner tablets made from naturally occurring ingredients. Clean floors, windows, tiled surfaces and other areas without harsh chemicals.
  • A Sustainable Clean – Instead of traditional cleaning products, our eco-friendly cleaner tablets are formulated with non-polluting ingredients that remove dirt, grime, grease and stains effectively. And the refillable glass bottles mean less single-use plastic that can harm the environment.
  • Easy to Use All-Surface Cleaner Kit – With this kit, cleaning is a breeze! Simply add the tablet cleaners to the sprayer bottles filled with warm water. Our glass containers are durable and reusable.


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in

9 reviews for Sprayer Cleaning Kit Starter Pack (3 bottles, 6 Cleaning Tablets)

  1. Lauren Green

    I absolutely love this 3 bottle spray cleaning kit from Nature Lake. The tablets dissolve into effective cleaning solutions. My favorite is the multipurpose cleaner, I use it all over the house. I feel really good about switching to a sustainable product and eliminating single-use plastic.

  2. Grace H

    Great product! Smells so good and great quality. I’m excited to use this on a regular basis!

  3. Curtis S

    I really enjoyed the product and it works really well. I had fun with my daughter watching the tablets dissolve and she cleaned every mirror in the house. They are spotless. 🙂

  4. MaDonna S

    Such a cute little set of cleaning products — it looks cute on my counter AND it gets the job done. I feel good not using more plastic.

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