We Knew There Had To Be A Better Way

At Nature Lake, we’re passionate about the environment and how we can help sustain it. 

It’s the reason we went into the business of manufacturing planet-friendly home care products in the first place. 

We looked around at the effects of climate change on our fragile ecosystem and saw two enormous problems we could actually do our part to help solve:

1.  The stranglehold of single-use plastic.

2.  The effects of toxic products on our health, home, and the environment.

First, let’s look at plastic. It is the great scourge of our time, yet the vast majority of cleaning products on shelves today, even the “green” brands, are sold in single-use plastic bottles. 

It’s a cruel deception to call those containers recyclable. 

Many households think they’re doing the right thing by tossing plastic bottles into recycling bins. 

But, the dirty secret about plastic is that less than 9% of what Americans think they’re recycling actually gets recycled. 

The rest ends up in landfills, or in our lakes, waterways, rivers and oceans. You may have heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It’s a floating island of plastic, bigger than the state of Texas, containing more than 1 million plastic items.  It’s a deadly hazard to all forms of life.  And frankly, it’s just gross.

There’s another problem with home care products. Toxicity. 

Many household brands are filled with harsh chemicals that can harm you and your family.  And the worst part is that those harsh chemicals go straight down the drain and into our groundwater, polluting our rivers and lakes and endangering wildlife.  

As a Minnesota-based company, we in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” take that personally. 

We have a special relationship with the outdoors. We are home to the magnificent Lake Superior and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness — millions of acres of untouched, unspoiled lakes, waterways and dense forests. 

We share our state with wildlife like bear, moose, wolves, deer, cougars, bobcats, beaver, otters and other animals, and our lakes and rivers are teeming with fish. To us, what goes into that water matters to our very way of life.

That’s why we created Nature Lake.

Better, more natural, nontoxic home care products without harsh chemicals going down the drain and into our groundwater.  Without plastic bottles. And better yet, our tablet-based products are easier and less expensive to transport, cutting down on carbon emissions. Our reusable and beautiful glass bottles allow you to refill again and again. Just pop in another tablet, fill the bottle with water from your own tap and you’re good to go.

Business profitability doesn’t have to come at the expense of our environment.  It never will at Nature Lake.

Refill Today For A Cleaner Tomorrow

Supermarket shelves are lined with plastic bottles filled with 90% water and toxic chemicals.  They harm your health and the planet. We believe that people and the planet deserve better solutions to make sustainable choices.