Each Nature Lake tablet formula uses naturally occurring and biodegradable ingredients.

The foaming action comes from naturally derived detergents.  Other ingredients include Vinegar (acetic acid) and other naturally occurring and readily biodegradable acids and salts.

Our tablets are currently made over the border in Wisconsin.

Since we currently sell exclusively in North America, this means our tablets come with a significantly reduced carbon footprint vs. ones shipped from overseas.


Every tablet formulated by Nature Lake is designed to be non-toxic and safe for use around both children and animals.

Yes, we've formulated our tablets to be free of harmful VOCs and aquatic-life damaging substances.

As always, it's best to minimize runoff and never dump excess chemicals into nature.

Currently, Nature Lake is sold on Amazon and through our website.

However, we are always looking for more opportunities to share our products with the world. So don't be surprised if you start seeing Nature Lake on store shelves soon.


Our reusable bottle is designed to look refined, dare we say expensive. BUT you'll only ever need one bottle, and frankly any old sprayer bottle will do. And most importantly, the tablets cost less than $3 USD per pack. That means you'll be spending up to 5 times less for each refill vs. buying pre-diluted solution!

1 to 2.

We recommend two tablets per 32-oz. bottle for optimal concentration. However, you can still get good results with just one tablet.

Just 5 minutes for the cleaning tablets, and up to an hour for the soap tablets -  in warm water.

Absolutely, in fact it's highly encouraged!

We waste billions of plastic bottles every year in the USA alone. If everyone just reused sprayer bottles instead of buying new ones each time they need more cleaning solution, it would spare hundreds of millions of those bottles from the landfill.

Yes! While we love the look of our bottles, any old sprayer bottle will do the trick!

If you're reusing a bottle that originally contained a different brand's pre-diluted cleaning solution, just be sure to rinse the bottle thoroughly before repurposing. Its never a good idea to mix different cleaners, since it can be hard to know just how two solutions will react with each other.