Using your new Nature Lake Sprayer Cleaning Kit

Spray bottle kit removed from packaging

You just opened your new Nature Lake Sprayer Cleaning Kit. Great news! Good for you for taking the first step toward a cleaner, healthier, greener home.

You may be trying it out because you know that a clean home shouldn’t hurt the environment. And nearly everything about traditional cleaning products does exactly that. From the fuel and man (or woman) power it takes to ship and stock heavy, bulky bottles of premixed cleaning solutions to the plastic bottles they’re packaged in to the harsh cleaning solutions themselves, it’s a no-win for your home and the environment.

At Nature Lake, we specialize in tablet-based cleaners that you mix with water at home. Why is that important? Imagine a pallet of, say, 24 plastic bottles of liquid cleaner. Now imagine 24 small tablets, which is our equivalent to 24 bottles of liquid cleaner. The weight and dimension difference is off the charts. Also, do you need to be paying for the water it takes to premix traditional cleaning products? We don’t think so.

Just as important, our cleaning tablets are formulated with ingredients that are biodegradable and do not produce harmful VOCs. We also don’t use ingredients that are harmful to aquatic life.

Now that you know the “why” behind your new kit, let’s get to the “how.”

Tips for using Nature Lake cleaning products

Stickers! When you open your box, you’ll notice that along with the tablets, glass bottles fitted with silicon sleeves, and spray nozzles, we’ve also included stickers: Glass, All-Purpose and Bathroom. Before you fill your bottle, pop a sticker on it. Since we don’t include any graphics or labels on our glass bottles (which would add to your cost), these stickers are designed to let you know at a glance which cleaner you’re using.

Fill your bottles. We recommend warm water. Fill ’em up to about an inch from the top.

Use one tablet per bottle. After you fill your bottle, pop a tablet into it and watch it fizz to life. You’ll notice we have different tablets for the type of cleaning you’re doing. Some of the ingredients in all the tablets are the same, but we’ve added special properties based on disinfecting bathrooms, cleaning glass and all-purpose household cleaning. So take care to use the right tablets in the right bottles. Screw on the nozzles and you’re ready to get cleaning!

Colored water. When those tablets are dissolved, you’ll see that the water for each type of cleaning turns a different color. Pink for all-purpose, green for bathroom and blue for glass. After you’ve used the products for a while, you won’t even need to refer to the sticker. You’ll know to grab the pink if you’re spraying down your countertops after doing the dinner dishes, green if you’re giving your bathroom a quick touchup before guests arrive and blue if you’re going after those pesky dog nose marks on your windows. It’s a great reference. Plus the colors are downright pretty.

One other note about your new Nature Lake products. The first few times you use your new cleaners, you’ll be surprised when your house isn’t full of toxic smells and fumes that make you want to open your windows. And you don’t have to wear plastic gloves to do your cleaning, either. Our products won’t hurt your hands.

Welcome to the Nature Lake family! Contact us any time with questions or ideas!

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