Surprising benefits of using natural cleaners

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Not too long ago, when people would think of the most effective cleaning products for their home, they’d think of the heavy-duty stuff: bleaches, harsh detergents and products that promise to kill 99% of germs. Antibacterial everything! We all want a clean living area, so no one thinks twice about purchasing these products time after time. After all, the more “heavy duty” the cleaning product is, the cleaner it will leave a home, right? Well, not exactly.

Sure, the bleaches and boraxes of the world do a good job of cleaning, there’s no doubt about that. But they also can cause a host of problems. Instead, making the switch to natural cleaners — products that clean just as well as the heavy-duty options — can make a surprising difference for your family and the environment. Read on to learn about four surprising benefits of using natural cleaners in your home.

Natural cleaning products keep your family safe

It’s no secret that heavy-duty cleaning products come with powerful smells, but not many people know that these odors can lead to significant health issues for a family. Frequent use of these traditional cleaners can lead to a variety of health problems such as allergic reactions, headaches and respiratory problems. If anyone in your household has asthma or another type of respiratory illness, these products can irritate those delicate airways.

Natural cleaning products don’t pose the same risk, and turning in your heavy-duty chemicals for natural options will greatly reduce the risk of respiratory issues and other health effects that can be caused by traditional cleaners.

Natural cleaning products banish allergens

In addition to respiratory illnesses, traditional cleaners often use ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Frequently used chemicals such as formaldehyde, perfumes, ammonia and dyes can all cause allergies and sinus irritation in a household.

However, natural cleaning products, like the ones we formulate at Nature Lake, are made without harmful ingredients like parabens, phosphates, ammonia, VOCs or chlorine bleach. All of our products are made with natural solutions with essential oils for a fresh scent. This results in a deep clean that doesn’t come with unwanted health effects.

Natural cleaning products help the environment

The chemicals included in traditional cleaning products aren’t just bad for the health of a household, they’re bad for the environment as well. These products frequently find themselves being flushed down the drain in one instance or another, which results in a tremendous amount of toxic chemicals being introduced to local rivers, lakes and wildlife.

The environmental harm doesn’t stop there, as nearly every traditional cleaner is distributed in a single-use plastic bottle. The prevalent use and improper disposal of single-use plastics is turning into the crisis of our time, leading to rampant pollution and massive “trash islands” in our oceans.

That’s why, at Nature Lake, we don’t use plastic bottles. Ever. Our products are tablet-based and come in a kit that includes beautiful glass bottles that will last a lifetime.

Natural cleaning products are less expensive

Making the switch to natural cleaners not only improves the health of your household and the environment, but it also improves the health of your wallet as well. One of the biggest differences between traditional cleaners and natural cleaners is that natural options typically come with refillable solutions. At Nature Lake, we formulate and sell tablet-based cleaners. This means cleaners can be refilled via self-mixing a solution or a tablet, saving money on trips to the store and buying a new bottle of cleaner. And you’re not paying for water. You can get that for free from your own kitchen faucet.

Traditional cleaners can result in disastrous effects for both the environment and the health of your family. Instead, switch to a natural cleaning product like the ones we offer at Nature Lake. Our products come in refillable glass bottles with tablets that are better for the planet, better for your home and better for your wallet.

Make the switch today.

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