Clog and Sandal Wash – Unstink your rubber shoes

Crocs look like new again

Nasty-looking (and -smelling) Crocs are something of a meme amongst fans of the cult footwear. The truth is, though, that foam and rubber clogs as a whole tend to get pretty gnarly over time. That’s why we created this easy guide on how to clean Crocs and clogs. Now you can wear those comfy, convenient, colorful shoes with pride, every time!

Real quick – what’s actually ON your average dirty clog?

For most owners of foam and rubber clogs, the answer is simple dirt and mud, with a healthy dose of foot sweat and skin cells mixed in. These shoes are workhorses, comfortable enough to wear every single day, and designed to get you through a lot of life’s messier activities.

Fortunately, this kind of grime is actually pretty easy to get off. And with our recommended method, they end up smelling delightfully fresh afterward as well!

Using ClogWash to clean your Crocs and clogs

To get your clogs looking brand new and smelling spectacular, just follow these four simple steps:

  1. Add your clog wash tablets to 1 gallon of water and let them dissolve completely.
  2. Completely submerge your clogs. Weigh them down with rocks or some other heavy object to keep them totally covered with the cleaning solution.
  3. Let the clogs soak overnight.
  4. Pour out the solution and thoroughly rinse your clogs. For simple mud and grime, no scrubbing is required!

Just like that, your feet will be smelling fresh and looking fancy!

But why tablets?

We’re all pretty used to our cleaners coming in pre-diluted, liquid form. So, it may seem a bit odd that Clog Wash is sold as dry tablets that you add to water yourself.

The truth is, we chose to manufacture in tablet form to save you money and to spare the planet some wear and tear.

Tablets are lightweight and small, making them inexpensive to ship and stock. And because there’s no liquid, you don’t need to constantly rebuy plastic bottles every time your clogs need a shine. With just 29.1% of PET and HDPE plastic bottles actually getting recycled every year, generating fewer bottles in the first place is a solid eco-friendly move.

If you like the sound of saving money and sparing the planet, check out Nature Lake’s entire line of tablet-based cleaners. With our just-add-water solutions, you’ll end up spending 5-7 times less on average for the same sparkling results as pre-diluted liquid cleaners. And with all that money saved, who’s to stop you from springing for another pair of clogs? Treat yourself. We won’t tell, and we’ll be here to help you keep those new shoes shiny too!

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