Can going green help your mental health?

Hand holding a glass ball

Mental health awareness is a societal movement that has been picking up steam for the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. Going from two years of limited interpersonal contact and mass layoffs due to the pandemic, to the current state of inflation and general societal unrest, it has been a tough few […]

Surprising benefits of using natural cleaners

Woman cleaning countertop

Not too long ago, when people would think of the most effective cleaning products for their home, they’d think of the heavy-duty stuff: bleaches, harsh detergents and products that promise to kill 99% of germs. Antibacterial everything! We all want a clean living area, so no one thinks twice about purchasing these products time after […]

4 surprising ways to reduce air pollution

Picture of a small pine tree

How big a problem is air pollution today, what with all of the focus on going green in industry and at home? After all, more people than ever are interested in and committed to helping the environment, right? Well, right. In a sense. But pollution still causes 9 million deaths a year, more than AIDS, obesity, alcohol, […]

Using your new Nature Lake Sprayer Cleaning Kit

Spray bottle kit removed from packaging

You just opened your new Nature Lake Sprayer Cleaning Kit. Great news! Good for you for taking the first step toward a cleaner, healthier, greener home. You may be trying it out because you know that a clean home shouldn’t hurt the environment. And nearly everything about traditional cleaning products does exactly that. From the […]

Why our soap is not antibacterial

Mom and child washing hands

At Nature Lake, our soap is not antibacterial. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. Antibacterial soap was all the rage a decade ago. It was touted as superior to regular soap, a powerful weapon capable of neutralizing much of the bacteria that can make us and our families, sick. Consumers could find it in hand […]

Seasonal and Chemical Allergies: Using Natural Cleaning Products Can Help

Woman sneezing

Your throat feels scratchy after you clean your bathroom. Your hands are red and irritated after using the antibacterial hand soap that sits next to your kitchen sink. You find yourself coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose after cleaning your house. You may be developing a chemical allergy. According to WebMD, a chemical allergy happens when […]

Comparison of Grove vs. Blueland vs. Nature Lake

Nature Lake 3 Bottle Kit

At Nature Lake, we’re committed to a clean environment, in your home and outside of it. That’s why we created our sustainability-focused line of cleaning products — no plastic bottles or toxic chemicals anywhere in the vicinity, thank you. It’s our aim to reduce the plastic in our oceans and landfills while you keep your […]

Why should I recycle if it’s so inefficient?

Why should I recycle?

You’re committed to recycling and that’s great, but the fact is, not everything you dutifully put into your recycling bin actually gets recycled. There are varied reasons for this, including: Improper prep and sorting on the homeowner’s end. Improper handling during the recycling process. Lack of return on investment for recyclers. Recycling is ultra-local, meaning […]

4 ways to go green at home

Looking for ways to make your home a little greener? (Environmentally friendly, that is.) You’re not alone. More and more people have been motivated to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Going green at home gives you the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping the environment. But there’s another plus you might not know […]

5 pet-safe cleaning products

Cat safe cleaner

Pet owners know the importance of effective and pet-safe cleaning products. Without them, they’d be at the constant mercy of mud, food and the unpleasant array of smelly messes our four-legged friends are known to create. But identifying pet-safe cleaning products can be a challenge. Chemical lists are hard to understand, and even ‘all-natural’ products […]