Can I use glass cleaner on my TV? Plus 2 more FAQs

can i use glass cleaner on my TV screen?

Glass cleaner is a powerful tool in any homeowner (or renter) arsenal. There’s simply no substitute when you need to remove smudges from windows and mirrors. And when you use Nature Lake Glass Cleaner Tablets, you know you can count on sparkling results every time! But what about when you want to clean off something that’s […]

Clog and Sandal Wash – Unstink your rubber shoes

Crocs look like new again

Nasty-looking (and -smelling) Crocs are something of a meme amongst fans of the cult footwear. The truth is, though, that foam and rubber clogs as a whole tend to get pretty gnarly over time. That’s why we created this easy guide on how to clean Crocs and clogs. Now you can wear those comfy, convenient, […]