Why ClogWash is amazing at fixing stinky Crocs and rubber sandals

no more stinky sandals

What causes rubber clogs and sandals to get so smelly in the first place? Unfortunately, these comfy kicks are the perfect environment for grime and bacteria to accumulate. These substances are readily odiferous, particularly certain bacteria that live on our skin. So, with every step you take, you’re gradually adding to the stink in your shoes. […]

We’ve been wondering: Why is plastic bad?

plastic waste

The problematic nature of plastic is knowledge many take for granted these days. However, that may be a foolhardy stance. We’ve seen the questions asked: Why is plastic bad? Why all the fuss about eliminating single-use plastics? How does it even affect me? These questions are fair, and misinformation can make finding accurate information tough. […]

Can I use glass cleaner on my TV? Plus 2 more FAQs

can i use glass cleaner on my TV screen?

Glass cleaner is a powerful tool in any homeowner (or renter) arsenal. There’s simply no substitute when you need to remove smudges from windows and mirrors. And when you use Nature Lake Glass Cleaner Tablets, you know you can count on sparkling results every time! But what about when you want to clean off something that’s […]

Are tablet-based cleaners effective?

Nature Lake cleaning tablets

Breaking out of routines is tough for most of us. Even when we’re not all that impressed by our status quo, it can still feel like a risk to try something new. For example, when it comes to cleaning, many of us who’ve spent our lives using pre-diluted solutions see tablets and hesitate. I mean, […]

7 easy alternatives to single-use plastic

wasted plastic cleaning bottles

Finding alternatives to single-use plastic can seem like a hassle. After all, single-use plastic has become the go-to default in almost every aspect of our daily lives. And sure, switching to alternative materials may be more eco-friendly, but convenience is key in our busy world. Fortunately, these seven easy switches don’t sacrifice on convenience, and […]

5 pet-safe cleaning products

Cat safe cleaner

Pet owners know the importance of effective and pet-safe cleaning products. Without them, they’d be at the constant mercy of mud, food and the unpleasant array of smelly messes our four-legged friends are known to create. But identifying pet-safe cleaning products can be a challenge. Chemical lists are hard to understand, and even ‘all-natural’ products […]

How to Identify Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Reusable spray bottle

What makes something eco-friendly? People and companies throw the label around a lot these days. That’s because it sells. With signs of climate change and pollution everywhere, even reluctant consumers are beginning to face facts — we have to try harder to protect our planet. This makes ‘eco-friendly’ a highly marketable term. Unfortunately, it’s also […]

Safe, sustainable cleaning products & chemicals that don’t hurt the earth

Sustainable living

So, what piqued your interest in sustainable cleaning products? For many, the seemingly never-ending cycle of “whoops, our bad” in the chemical world plays a big part. That cycle goes like this: A company introduces a “revolutionary” new cleaning product. Everyone flocks to the new product. The other shoe eventually drops, that the product contains […]

The benefits of switching to tablet-based cleaners

What’s the largest component of liquid cleaning products, both by weight and by volume? Water. Plain, unadulterated water — the same as comes straight out of the tap in your home. Knowing this, it’s hard not to look at store shelves loaded with liquid cleaner and wonder — what’s the cost? What’s the cost of […]

Clog and Sandal Wash – Unstink your rubber shoes

Crocs look like new again

Nasty-looking (and -smelling) Crocs are something of a meme amongst fans of the cult footwear. The truth is, though, that foam and rubber clogs as a whole tend to get pretty gnarly over time. That’s why we created this easy guide on how to clean Crocs and clogs. Now you can wear those comfy, convenient, […]