Why should I recycle if it’s so inefficient?

Why should I recycle?

You’re committed to recycling and that’s great, but the fact is, not everything you dutifully put into your recycling bin actually gets recycled. There are varied reasons for this, including: Improper prep and sorting on the homeowner’s end. Improper handling during the recycling process. Lack of return on investment for recyclers. Recycling is ultra-local, meaning […]

How much plastic is in the ocean — and what you can do about it

In an age when pollution and global warming have become perennial hot topics, arguably one of the most dangerous contributors to the world’s pollution problem is single-use plastics. Plastics, unlike other forms of environmental waste, do not decompose. That means every piece of plastic that has been manufactured in history is still present in our […]

What makes Nature Lake the best bathroom cleaner?

Do you ever feel like you should be wearing a hazmat suit when you’re cleaning your bathroom because of the toxic fumes coming off the products? Or do you worry that they might interact badly and create an unfortunate (and dangerous) science experiment sort of situation? We get it. That’s one of the reasons we […]

4 simple alternatives to plastic bottles

The increase in single-use plastic products is turning into a crisis that is threatening the health and well-being of the world’s ecosystem. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, humans produce roughly 400 million tons of plastic a year. The problem? Unlike other environmental waste, plastic does not decompose. Factoring in that roughly only 10% of […]

4 ways to go green at home

Looking for ways to make your home a little greener? (Environmentally friendly, that is.) You’re not alone. More and more people have been motivated to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Going green at home gives you the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping the environment. But there’s another plus you might not know […]