Are tablet-based cleaners effective?

Nature Lake cleaning tablets

Breaking out of routines is tough for most of us. Even when we’re not all that impressed by our status quo, it can still feel like a risk to try something new. For example, when it comes to cleaning, many of us who’ve spent our lives using pre-diluted solutions see tablets and hesitate. I mean, how can tablet-based cleaners even be effective?

It’s wise to be cautious. But, it’s also wise to embrace change when it becomes clear something better is available. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, we think we can convince you that tablets are absolutely the better option.

So, how can tablet-based cleaners be effective?

In compressed form, a Nature Lake cleaning tablet doesn’t look like much. That’s by design. They’re meant to be:

  • Small and light, making them inexpensive and efficient to ship.
  • Free of excessive dyes and unnecessary chemicals.
  • Packaged with a focus on minimal waste and sustainable materials.

Now, while their appearance may be understated, these tiny tablets hit hard. Once added to warm water, the dehydrated ingredients dissolve in minutes. The resulting solutions are a powerful blend of de-greasing agents and dirt dissolvers capable of making your bathroom, kitchen, windows and more sparkle and shine every time.

The truth is, tablet-based cleaners offer the same or greater cleaning power than what you get from any pre-diluted solution. Their dehydrated form has zero impact on their effectiveness. It does, however, have an effect on your carbon footprint.

The waste of shipping tap water

How much of pre-diluted cleaning solution is water, do you think? 25%? Maybe 50?

How about 90% or more?

The reality is, less than one-tenth of each bottle of cleaning solution we buy off the shelf is made up of active ingredients. Everything else is plain tap water, typically taken straight from the factory’s municipal source.

Using dehydrated tablets is an efficient way to ship just the active ingredients, without any unnecessary bulk or weight. It saves money and substantially cuts carbon emissions. All the while, tablet-based cleaners remain 100% effective at cleaning even the toughest of messes.

A modern solution for modern lifestyles

Besides being less wasteful, cleaning tablets are just plain easier to ship to and store in your home. At Nature Lake, we offer convenient and quick delivery of our complete cleaner sprayer kits, foaming hand soap kits and tablets via online ordering.

What’s more, with the tiny size of each tablet, you’ll waste no space keeping a refill handy. It’s ideal for small living, as well as for keeping your cleaning supplies minimal. Say goodbye to shelves and cabinets cluttered with half-used bottles. Cleaning tablets are here to help you live the elegant, streamlined life you deserve.

This tablet-based cleaner is effective at cleaning clogs and sandals.
Nature Lake Clog Wash tablet

Cleaning tablets are the better way

Powerful cleaning ingredients. Simple to use. No more wasting money on hard-to-recycle, single-use plastic bottles. And to top it all off, it’s a chance to kick a major source of clutter out of your home for good. When you add it up, it’s clear: tablet-based cleaners are the better way to clean.

Any questions? We’d love to answer them! Reach out to us any time.

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