4 simple alternatives to plastic bottles

The increase in single-use plastic products is turning into a crisis that is threatening the health and well-being of the world’s ecosystem.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, humans produce roughly 400 million tons of plastic a year. The problem? Unlike other environmental waste, plastic does not decompose. Factoring in that roughly only 10% of plastic is recycled per year, this leaves the other 90% to languish in landfills and congregate in huge “trash islands” in the middle of our seas.

What can you do to help? Look at your own plastic use and make small changes. If everyone did that, we could solve this crisis together.

Read on to learn about simple alternatives that you can use today to reduce your use of plastic bottles.

Glass sprayer bottles

Buying pre-diluted cleaning solutions in throw-away plastic bottles may seem like a convenient option for keeping a home spotless, but these purchases can prove to be just as harmful to the environment as buying a case of bottled water. Remember, that empty plastic cleaning bottle will likely end up in a landfill or floating in our oceans. Instead, consider switching to a reusable glass sprayer bottle and cleaning tablets to make your own cleaning solution, like the options we offer at Nature Lake. No tossing plastic bottles away when they’re empty. No running to the store when your kitchen or bathroom cleaning solution runs out. No perpetuation of the plastic use-and-discard cycle. Instead, simply fill your glass bottle with warm water, pop in a tablet and you’re ready to roll.

Stainless steel bottles

In recent years, the push to innovate away from the use of the ubiquitous plastic water bottle has resulted in bottles and cups for beverages on-the-go that make non-recyclable alternatives seem almost primitive. Leading this charge are stainless steel water bottles and ramblers.

These machine-washable tumblers come in a variety of sizes that keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot better than any other option on the market. Pour an iced coffee in the morning, and find it still cool and refreshing in the afternoon. Hot tea more your style? It won’t cool down too much in a stainless mug.

In addition to being reusable, they’re durable. Drop your mug on a hike in the woods? No problem.

Canned water bottles

Canned water bottles are on the rise. Yes, these are single-use vessels. But there’s an important difference that makes them far superior to plastic. Cans are made from aluminum, which is much more durable and recyclable than plastic, according to the EPA.

In addition, for those who may be in a situation in which drinking water is socially frowned upon, companies like Liquid Death are making it cool to drink water again. The company offers still and sparkling water in a heavy-metal-inspired can design.

Ceramic bottles

Another alternative to plastic water bottles comes in the form of reusable ceramic bottles. While ceramic bottles don’t boast as many features as stainless steel water bottles and cups, they definitely deserve consideration. Ceramic cups and bottles provide similar heating and cooling effects as stainless steel bottles, but where they really shine is aiding in the taste and quality of the beverage.

Stainless steel water bottles have the tendency to make drinks taste and smell a bit “tinny” or metal-like. Ceramic cups don’t impart any qualities into the drink itself. This can make for a better experience, as the taste is not altered at all by the material of the vessel.

If you’re on the lookout for environmentally conscious options to reduce your carbon and plastic footprint, visit us today. Also, contact us at any time with ideas to improve our product line and expand the range of conscientious cleaning choices that we provide to our customers.

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